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LogTrade Ship

LogTrade Ship

LogTrade Ship is a mobile web application that makes it super easy for anyone to send a labeled package. The simplicity in its process makes it accessible for small businesses without ERP systems.

Before you start using LogTrade Ship you need to have a license, that can be ordered from Once you have a license you start to do some setup and then you can create your first shipment.


Follow the below steps to get you up and running. 




LogTrade Ship is based on using templates when creating shipments. Therefore you need to do some setup before you can start using LogTrade Ship. 
Link to guide: LogTrade Ship - Settings Guide

Order QR-Codes

When using Create Shipments with QR-code you need to have LogTrades QR-codes. These can easily be ordered from our webshop.

Add LogTrade Ship Application to the phone

LogTrade Ship is a mobile application you can add to your phone. 

Create Shipment with QR-Code

In LogTrade Ship you can create Shipments based on a QR-code. The QR code can then be used by the Carrier to scan and report status. 

Create Shipment and print labels

In LogTrade Ship you can create shipments and print labels if your Carrier requires a printed label. 

Manage IoL Associations

You can manage associations between IoL entities by scanning their QR codes in LogTrade Ship.